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The Stock Game

Look below for some insights on how to play the Stock Game

The Pic - 3 Game

Look below for how to play the game, our simplest game format.

The Stock Game on TradeFan

Tips for Playing TradeFan Effectively
Even though you can trade live, you do not have to...

1. **Picking Your Players**
  - Look for players that will break out early, driving their price up.
  - Focus on players that score early; you can use their inflated value to invest in solid players for later scoring.

2. **Devaluation of a Player/Stock**
  - Don’t hold onto a player too long if they aren’t performing.
  - A zero-point player will significantly devalue your position/portfolio, making it hard to cash.
  - Rarely can you succeed with a position value near zero.

3. **Request to Follow Your Opponents**
  - Following your opponents can give you insights into their picks.
    - Supply and demand, as well as player performance, influence the value of the stock/player.
  - Following is also a way to learn from more experienced players.
  - Note: It’s a request to follow; opponents don’t have to allow it.

4. **Values**
  - A player’s value starts reflecting immediately in most events, especially in timed games.
  - Baseball is different as it’s inning-based, so values may change more gradually.
  - Don’t panic if player values decrease initially.
  - Focus on quick starters to get an early value jump.
  - Like stocks, players can be de-listed if their value drops too low.
- De-listed players that are owned can be traded away.
- In baseball especially, look for value spikes in scoring opportunities. A players' stock value will rise if they come to the plate with runners in scoring position, or even if the batter is coming to bat soon.

5. **Play Till the End**
  - It’s not over until it’s over; scoring late in the game can significantly impact your portfolio.
  - I have won tournaments literally on the last shot of a Hockey Game.

6. **Have Fun**
  - Enjoy this new platform and learn its nuances.
  - The TradeFan team is dedicated to continual improvement and quick to address any issues.
  - If you have questions, feel free to contact MaddLatt or anyone at TradeFan.

Remember there are plenty of 'Free Tournaments' on TradeFan for real cash
Enjoy the game and good luck!

The Pick - 3 Game

This is our easiest game format. You pick 3 players from at least 2 different teams from a common player pool.
Insights are pretty simple
Check for favorable batter/pitcher match-ups
For players in a current Hot-Streak
Don't forget Coors Field/Fenway possibilities