Our current sport Contest Engines 
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How to play our games...

There are two game play features.
The Stock Market style game play and the Pick -3.

The Stock Market game is a Live action game.
Where you are able to trade players during the Live games!
While the Pick - 3 game is more traditionally played, picking your players before the games start and watch their progress as the games are being played.

We are always working to improve game play 
and making up new game styles and contests.

Feedback is always appreciated and welcomed. 
Thank you,    MaddLatt

  • Baseball (MLB)
  • Basketball (NBA)
  • Football (NFL)
  • Hockey (NHL)
  • Golf (PGA)
  • Soccer (EPL)
  • More to come...

Pic - 3 Game
Pick, sit back, and cheer on!

Pic - 3 is our easiest game format. 
You pick 3 players from a common player pool
from at least 2 different teams. 
Your score would be the total of all of your chosen players

Below are the way to score points in each sport...

Baseball - Total 'distance of Hits ' in the given games
Basketball - Total 'distance of Made 3-pointers'  in the given games
Football - Total 'Yards of TD '(the player with the ball scores points)
Golf - Total 'Birdies ' made during given whole event
Hockey - Total of 'Shots on Goal '
Soccer - Total of 'Completed Passes '

The Stock Game
Live action gaming at its best

The Stock Game, like the name implies is based on the stock market. Everyone chooses players from a common player pool. Each player has a 'Stock Price', which is a projection on how many points they would score during the given game. The Stock Game is a 'Live Action' game, so you are able to trade players as the contest is running. Keep in mind that the player's total points at the end of the game would be the stock price for that player. Even though the game is Live, you may not wish to trade at all. Every person playing the contest starts with the same amount of investment cash at each position. You are only able to trade for players in the same position category and above the minimum stock price(this varies depending on the sport, players will be grayed out if below the limit). When the contest concludes, the person with the highest portfolio value wins the contest.

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Thank you and Good Luck!        MaddLatt